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Us turks deny the armenian genocide mostly for two reasons. First, us turks are a very patriotic and proud nation, we like to remember our ancestors as these flawless brave men that conquered and ruled. Comitting genocides isnt what we want to remember them so The moment a turkish politician would stop denying the genocide his politicial career would end. Second reason is simple, if we accept the fact that the genocide happened, our country would have to pay large sums of money as repercussion..

There are so many talented actors. Why Bach ? Direct to VHS 2017 will be the year this Christian Armenians will receive justice... just 100 yrs away from injustice; ) I just watched The Promise in the theatre today... I'm writing in an objective way, and as a film expert I can assure you it's a flawless movie It's authentic, powerful and romantic This movie doesn't just show the dark side of the Ottoman Empire during the war as many would presume, but it also shows the unconditional friendship between the two nations and how help was still there during those dark times It also shows how love was the key to survival and how love always wins (no matter what race, religion or gender) I also praise the cast & crew for such great script, visuals and acting This movie is definitely worth watching And don't judge it or rate it if you haven't watched it Be fair!.

You cannot make a movie that shows the Muslims in a negative light. They are the only ones on the earth that are soooo peaceful. This can't be true..

Disliked to many racial slurs. I feel offended as a black person

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Love Armenia <3 from Kurdish friend ✌️✊

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What makes this worse is that this messed up shit happens every single day ... Love from Greece to Armenia! Thank you for making this movie....My heart ached for so long....thank you for letting the world know


I thought eh this looks good but it has Logan Paul thirdly, it is very doubtful that more than 300,000 armenians died in the ottoman empire during and after world war i, at the same time that almost 4 million muslims died as the result of massacre and starvation. the hamidiye guard employed under abdulhamid ii was established to restore order and security in the eastern provinces after violent armenian revolts had killed thousands of turks; the only government-sponsored intentional killing that took place at this time, aside of course from military activities, was the brtitish naval blockade of the ottoman empire during and after world war i, which was intended to starve the ottoman population to death and caused the deaths of 40 percent of the population, muslim and christian alike..

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Allah, peygamber korkusu bilmez alçaklar! Unutmayın ki, intikam gecikir ama asla yaşlanmaz!🇹🇷 Powerful trailer. As it should be, the Armenian seems to be in the western dialect, though more accurately, before the genocide there were several western dialects. The summary of our national experience through the eyes of an individual.. I wanted to share a moving story that happened to me recently at the movie theater. My husband and I were watching “The Promise”—a highly anticipated movie for all Armenians since it’s the first big budget, star driven film about the Armenian Genocide. First of all, I feel tremendous gratitude towards everyone who made this firm a reality for the significance lies far beyond a “good” movie. This is a big step towards opening the film industry to a subject which has been widely unacknowledged for so long. Therefor the educational value of this film is a lot more important then its aesthetics. Although the firm was not highly graphic, in an effort to reach a wider audience—I was fully immersed, in tears, deeply moved. It was inevitable to remember my grandparents who miraculously survived, and to realize that I was a descendent of a people who’ve gone through tremendous suffering. I felt proud to be Armenian! While I was crying, I couldn’t help but notice the woman next to me. She was wiping silently. After the firm ended, she asked me if I was Armenian. Through her tears, she told me she was Turkish. She said I am very sorry for all the suffering, torture and humiliation that my ancestors caused to Armenians. Me and my husband were at a loss for words. My sadness and pain were reflected in her empathetic gaze. Having shared that moment with a Turkish woman who did not know the history and was as pained and moved by the firm was simply overwhelming. It was a beautiful moment of reflection on both sides. After a moment of silence, we hugged and parted. I would like to thank that woman for her apology. I would like to thank her for being open-minded and willing to see this film although it contradicts the history she’s been taught, and although it was very difficult for her to see. That apology was a symbol of humanity and hope ….

The Armenian Genocide was an outcome of islam as it prescribed to wage war against the indifels. All the Turks did was to carry out that islamic prescription..


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It almost the same thing that Turkey does to Kurds now. Not much changing. And outcome might be the same - separate Kurdistan







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